School of Ice 2019

The School of Ice agenda is organized around ice core science themes. Each year the presenters and activities may change, but the core concepts are similar. Below is the School of Ice Agenda for 2019. Each activity and presentation is hyperlinked to the resource or presentation to make it easily accessible for you. 

Contact us if you have any questions or need other resources!

Sunday, June 23, 2019–Homewood Suites–Welcome Reception

TimeActivity Presenters
3:00-6:00Check-inDeb & Lauren
5:30-6:00RegistrationDeb & Lauren
6:00-6:15Activity: To the Ends of the EarthLouise
6:20-6:40Welcome from ASC and NSFElaine Hood & Lisa Rom
6:40-7:45Activity: Life CoresLouise & Julia
7:45-8:15Activity: Only Direction is NorthLouise
8:15-8:30Open DiscussionLouise & Lauren
8:30-8:35Directions for tomorrowLouise
8:35-8:45Reflections: Great ExpectationsLouise

Monday, June 24, 2019–NSF Ice Core Facility–Ice Core Science

7:15Meet in foyer
7:15-7:45Transport to NSF ICFLo, J & La
7:45-8:00Activity: Land Ice/Sea Ice set upLouise
8:00-8:10WelcomeLindsay Powers
8:15-9:15Ice Core Science Intro & Greenhouse GasesJim White
9:15-10:15Whole group–ICF Overview–Safety TalkGeoff Hargreaves
10:15-10:35Group Photo/BREAK/Individual photosJulia
10:45-12:45Group 1–Conduct Core Processing LabGeoff Hargreaves
10:45-12:45Group 2-Activity: Subglacial Lakes; Activity: Nature vs Science; Speaker: Subglacial LakesMatt Siegfried & Louise
1:15-1:40Drilling for Ice CoresGeoff Hargreaves
1:40-1:45Activity: Drill ModelLouise
1:45-3:45Group 1–Conduct Core Processing LabGeoff Hargreaves
1:45-3:45Group 2-Activity: Subglacial Lakes; Activity: Nature vs Science; Speaker: Subglacial LakesMatt Siegfried & Louise
4:00-4:45NSIDC Cryospheric DataLora Koenig
4:45-5:00Revisit Land Ice/Sea Ice/Grounded IceLouise
5:00-5:15Activity: Reflection: Ah Ha!Louise
5:30Transport to hotelLo, La & J

Tuesday, June 25, 2019–INSTAAR–Ice Dynamics and Isotopes

7:00Meet in foyer
7:15-8:15Transport to BoulderLauren & Julia
8:30-8:35WelcomeBruce Vaughn
8:35-9:15Whole group–Isotopes & climate discoveryBruce Vaughn
9:15-9:30BREAK–move to labBruce Vaughn
9:30-10:30Group 1 & 2–Tour LabBruce and aide
10:30-10:45BREAK–move to classroom
10:45-11:30Activity: Ice Core Lab–isotopes as proxy; excel sheetLouise & Dawn
12:45-1:30Changing Arctic Sea IceMarika Holland
1:30-2:15Glacier Basics: Mass Balance and FlowBob Anderson
2:30-3:15Activity: Slip Sliding Away; Video: How to make glacier goo Louise
Activity: Wheel of InquiryLouise
3:15-4:00Ice Slabs, Crevasses & Cold War BasesMike Macferrin
4:00-4:35Polar Science and Engineering–borehole loggingGary Clow
4:35-4:45Activity: Polar Science and EngineeringLouise
4:45-5:00Reflection: I Used to Think…but Now I KnowLouise
5:00-6:00Transport to hotelLa & J

Wednesday, June 26, 2019–ASC Logistics, Engineering & Communication

7:00Meet in foyer
7:00-8:00Transport to ASCLa & J
8:00-8:15Security check–bathrooms
8:15-8:45ASC Welcome & Antarctic LogisticsElaine Hood
8:45-9:15Arctic LogisticsJessy Jenkins
9:15-9:30BREAK–move outside
9:30-10:25Bucket Head activity & Scott TentsBija Sass, Matt Kippenhan, Megan Walker
Keizo’s StoryLouise
10:25-10:30Return to classroom
10:30-11:00Long HaulTroy Juniel
11:00-11:10Demo Activity: Long Haul & VideoLouise
11:40-12:10Polar Engineering–traverse from McM to South PoleKory Hottel
12:10-2:00Science with StoriesMatt Oliver
2:00-2:10Activity: Resources–CRAAP and Stink TestsLouise
2:10-2:30BREAK–collect receiptsLouise
2:30-4:00Activity: Ice Core/Pollen & Volcanoes–Plan of ActionLauren
2:30-4:00Comm. College/High School MtgLouise
4:30-5:30Transport to hotel–then dinnerLo, La, J

Thursday, June 26, 2019–Travel Home