ANDRILL (ANtarctic geological DRILLing) was a National Science Foundation funded science research program that recovered marine sediment cores during two large drilling projects: the McMurdo Ice Shelf project (MIS) and the Southern McMurdo Sound project (SMS). Sediment cores were drilled from an ice platform, through the Ross Sea near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The ANDRILL scientists and educators worked together to create resources for teaching paleoclimate and climate change topics in middle school and high school classrooms. The links below will take you to chapters in two different resource books:

    1. Antarctica’s Climate Secrets
    2. Environmental Literacy with Focus on Climate Change (the ELF)
    Using multimedia to map paths to STEAM careers for today's kids
    So You’re a Kid — What’s possible? We watch other people and wonder, how did they get where they are? How did they get to do what they’re doing? What did they overcome? How can I do what I want? (And what if I don’t know what I want?)  I Was a Kid was created to help kids today expand their possibilities by tracing the paths of all kinds of people working in science in all kinds of ways. What can YOU do? Open doors and set out on the path to SCIENCE.