School of Ice 2021 – Oregon State University

14 participants from 10 states representing 13 Minority Serving Institutions. 15 labs and hands-on activities to transfer ice core and climate change concepts to classrooms. 10 ice core science community speakers/researchers sharing their expertise and passion. 2 field trips – 1 to the Coast and 1 to Elliott Glacier in the Columbia River Valley.

SATURDAY, July 31, 2021: Welcome/Introduction

Activity: Polar OppositesBillPolar Opposites: To the Ends of the Earth Activity
Polar Opposites ppt
Polar Opposites Bill Keynote-2021
Welcome/Overview of workshopLouise & EdWelcome from IDP
Life Cores – introduce selves and shareRusLife Cores Activity
Activity: Engineering Design ChallengeBillEngineering Design Activity
Chasing Ice VideoRusVideo clip (5 minute version of ice calving
Reflections: Great ExpectationsBill

SUNDAY August 1, 2021: Introduction to Polar Science

Intro Notebooks – covers and quoteBillNotebook intro slide
Activity: The Only Direction is North – Discovering Antarctica through MapsRusOnly Direction is North Activity
Formal powerpoint of activity (not used)
Activity: Direct Measurement – Tree Rings and Ice CoresBillIce Cores Direct Measurement Activity
Key format
Activity: CO2 Record (direct measurement)BillActivity
CO2 Set-up Video
Key format
Outside links
NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 real time
Field Trip to Coast (1/2 day) -geological deposits; warmer climates; earthquakesCoast Field trip guide
Activity: Life in an Acid Bath: ocean acidification – shell/knife/ tapeBillActivity (pp 211-218)

MONDAY August 2, 2021: Ice Core Science

Activity: Developing Proxy Models & Ice BalloonsBillDecoding Ice Core Proxy Models Activity
Video of set up
ACTIVITY: Polar Detectives (build ice core), Virtual Field Lab (Osterberg) for data and graphing and intro VFLs #1&2Bill and Rus

Bill and Rus
Virtual Field Labs
Ice drilling education main page
Ice drilling virtual field trip main page
US Ice Drilling YouTube page
Erich Osterberg series
Meredith Kelly series
World premier VFL
Polar Detectives Activity (lab using same sulphur data as Osterberg VFL)
Group 1a and 1b – Gas Labs (45 min) + tour of lab (3-4 people)Christo & Ben (1a) and Ed Brook (1b)Ice Cores as a Climate Archive by Christo Buizert presentation
Engineering an Ice Core presentation by Jay Johnson
Group 2 ACTIVITY: Isotope/Nature vs. Science/7peopleRus and BillIsotopes Activity
Nature vs Science
Drilling Ice Cores (how and where) – Drilling in Greenland – How much climate time? Drilling in Antarctica, how much climate time? How does drilling take place?Jay Johnson & ChristoEngineering: an Ice Core Presentation by Jay Johnson
(Working Lunch talks)
Intro to Ice Core Science -(Greenland & Antarctic ice sheets – Introduction to Ice Sheets, Ice Core Records and Ice Age Cycles. Objectives: Ice sheets in Greenland/Antarctica (size, scope, age). What data have we pulled from ice cores in general (climate can change in as little as a decade; CO2, temp, aerosols, climate cycles, CO2 norms?)  Q & A
Jay & ChristoScenarios
Foro 400 Drill
Foro 1650 Drill
Foro 3000 Drill
IDDO Hand Auger
Stampfli Drill
WAIS Divide Project
Science & Engineering Practices
Group 2a: Gas Labs; 2b: Ice core gas lab (45 min) Group 2b: Gas Labs; 2a: Ice core gas lab (45 min)Ed Brook + post docs and lab techs
Group 1 ACTIVITY: Isotope/ Nature vs. ScienceRus and BillIsotopes Activity
Nature vs Science
Modeling past and future climates.Andreas SchmittnerModeling past and future climates PDF
Carbon Brief Blog
Schmittner’s Climate textbook
Collection of resources for educators
Whole group to process data points from Ed’s gas labsEdPlan of Action
Summarizer – I used to think …Rus

TUESDAY August 3, 2021: Ice Dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica, and Sea Level/Sediment Lab

Activity: Set up Land Ice Sea Ice -How Does Melting Ice Affect Sea Level?BillLand Ice/Sea Ice Activity
Land Ice/Sea Ice ppt
Activity: Slip Sliding Away (Glacier Dynamics)BillSlip Sliding Away Activity
Slip Sliding Away ppt
Glacier Goo Recipe-Bill making big batch
Glacial Dynamics – key ideas; current changes in Greenland and 
Antarctica – Thwaites + Q&A
Erin PettitDocs for activity
Activity: Revisit Land Ice Sea IceBill
Activity: Glacier Ice – Plan of ActionRusPlan of Action Directions
Scott at Alaska Glacial Ice
Working Lunch – Drill ModelsDrilling Display Model Activity
Activity: Thermohaline Circulation demosBillThermohaline activity
Ocean/Ice Interactions: Thermohaline circulation -interaction between ice and thermohaline circulation – changes in ice in the future and how it may affect thermohaline – fresh water input – DEMOBrodie PearsonThermohaline Circulation and Ice Sheets- presentation
Vans to MGR – Similarities and differences between ice core science and sediment core science
Break into two groups – Tour – ActivityVal Stanley, Joe Stoner, Maureen (Mo)Walczak, Maziet Cheseby, and Cara Fritz – EOSediment resources from ANDRILL
ELF–book of hands-on activities for climate change concepts
Antarctica’s Climate Secrets-book of sediment core hands-on activities
Refection: I used to think … but now I know …
Celebration DinnerSchool of Ice 2021 Celebration video

WEDNESDAY August 4, 2021: Sediment Cores, Technology, and Polar Engineering

Intro. Virtual Field Lab – Meredith KellyBill
Field Trip and Lunch – Road Trip -Mt. Hood – and Elliott Glacier -Columbia River GorgeEdField Trip Packet