School of Ice 2022-Oregon State University

August 7-12, 2022 | Center for Oldest Ice Exploration | Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

14 participants from 9 states representing 12 Minority Serving Institutions. 18 hands-on labs and activities. 11 ice core science community speakers/researchers sharing their expertise and passion. 4 field trips-COLDEX Gas Lab and Melting Lab, Marine and Geology Repository and Eliot Glacier on Mt. Hood. 100% met or exceeded their expectations for School of Ice.

SUNDAY, August 7, 2022: Welcome/Introduction to Polar Regions

To the Ends of the Earth: Polar OppositesPolar Opposites: To the Ends of the Earth Activity
Ends of the Earth Web Page
Welcome/Overview of workshopLouise & KristenKristen’s COLDEX Presentation
Activity: Notebooks
Synergistic Notebooks and Introductions
Activity: Snowflake ScienceBillSnowflake Science
Reflections: Great ExpectationsBillReflection Activities
Reflection Activity Web Page
Chasing IceLouiseTrailer Video clip
DirectionsLouiseLink for local food suggestions

MONDAY, August 8, 2022: Introduction to Ice Core Science

Activity: The Only Direction is North-Discovering Antarctica through MapsLouiseOnly Direction is North Activity
Activity: Tree Rings and Ice Cores (direct measurement)BillIce Cores Direct Measurement Activity
Link to Tree Ring Web Page (See Lab #1)
Activity: CO2 Record (direct measurement)BillActivity
CO2 Set-up Video
Outside links
NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 real time
Activity: Ice Balloons: Physical ModelsLab Activity
Presentation Powerpoint
Presentation Keynote
Gas LabsJon and KadenLab Activity
Lab Tour
Long Version
Chronology Handout PPT
Chronology Handout PDF
Nature vs. Science Card GameLouiseLab Activity
Presentation Keynote
Presentation PDF
Nature vs. Science Web Page
Isotope LabBill and MichelleLab Activity
Presentation Keynote
Presentation Powerpoint
Reflection: 2 Things I learned/1 thing I wonder and Big Red Coat PictureLouiseReflection Activities
Reflection Activity Web Page

TUESDAY, August 9, 2022: Making Predictions: Glacial Dynamics and Proxies

THC FlasksBillPicture
Land Ice/Sea IceLouisePresentation
Link to Land Ice/Sea Ice Web Page
Mathematical Proxy ModelsBillPresentation Powerpoint
Link to Mathematical Proxy Models (See Lab #2)
Virtual Field LabBill
Check Land Ice/Sea IceLouise
Slip Sliding AwayLouise and MichelleSlip Sliding Powerpoint 2022
Link to Slip Sliding Away Web Page
Intro to Ice Core Science-(Greenland & Antarctic ice sheets), Introduction to Ice Sheets, and Ice Core Records and Ice Age Cycles
Objectives: Ice sheets in Greenland/Antarctica (size, scope, age), What data have we pulled from ice cores in general? (climate can change in as little as a decade;CO2, temp, aerosols, climate cycles, CO2 norms?), and  Q & A
Christo, Barb, and JayIce Cores as a Climate Archive

Ice Core Drilling Display Web Page

Drilling Back Through Time Web Page

Ice Core Scenarios

Different IDP Drills

Science vs. Engineering

Engineering Design Cycle

Engineering an Ice Core Drill
VFLs (Enrichment)Bill
Glacier DynamicsTJPresentation Powerpoint
Presentation Keynote
Subglacial Lakes Web Page
Ocean/Ice Interactions: Thermohaline Circulations – Freshwater InputsBrodie and MichellePresentation Powerpoint
Presentation PDF
Presentation Keynote
Thermohaline Web Page
Sea Level CalculationsMichellePresentation Powerpoint
Presentation Keynote
Sea Level RiseTJPresentation Powerpoint
Presentation Keynote
Modeling Past and Future ClimatesAndreasPresentation Powerpoint
Presentation Keynote
Equilibrium LinesKristenCalculating ELA 
Mount Hood Field Trip
Mountain Glacier Mass Balance 
Summarizer: I used to think + Field Trip PrepReflection Activities
Reflection Activity Web Page

WEDNESDAY, August 10, 2022: Ice Dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica; Sea Level Rise; Compare Sediment Cores to Ice Cores

Field trip to Mt. Hood, Elliott Glacier, and Columbia River Gorge + Dinner

THURSDAY, August 11, 2022: Sediment Cores-Technology and Polar Engineering

Drill Rig Engineering ChallengeBillDesign Challenge Powerpoint
Design Challenge  Keynote
Design Challenge Web Page
Whole Group Tour (MGR)Maziet Cheseby and
Cara Fritz
Core Map
MGR Website
ANDRILL Activity Book
Ice vs. Sediment ComparisonLouise
LUNCH – Drill Model Make and Take and VFLsBillVirtual Field Labs
Acidification Activity and demo acid on shellsMichellePresentation and Lab Activity Powerpoint
Presentation and Lab Activity Keynote
Evaluations/Begin ReportMichellePost Survey Link
School of Ice Action Plan
Celebration DinnerCelebration Video