School of Ice 2018-Dartmouth College-Hanover, NH

The School of Ice agenda is organized around ice core science themes. Each year the presenters and activities may change, but the core concepts are similar. Below is the School of Ice Agenda for 2018 at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH. Each activity and presentation is hyperlinked to the resource or presentation to make it easily accessible for you. Contact us if you have any questions or need other resources!

SUNDAY, June 29th, 2018: Welcome and Polar Background

Activity/Lab + LinkPresenter
Participants arrive at Hanover Inn—dinner on own
Workshop registration—Thayer School of Engineering—Rett’s Room-receive notebooks, receipt envelopes and campus mapsLauren, Deb, Vivian
Reception—soft drinks & light snacksLouise
     Activity: To the Ends of the EarthLouise (Vivian)
     Intro. of facilitatorsLouise
      Welcome from IDPOMary Albert (Vivian)
 Activity: The Only Direction is North—Discovering Antarctica  through MapsLouise & Lauren & Deb (Vivian)
Overview of WorkshopLouise
Activity: Introduction–participants & facilitators—Life CoresLouise
Open discussion/Icebreaker Questions ListLouise & Mary
Directions for tomorrowLouise
Reflections:  Great ExpectationsLouise

MONDAY, July 30th, 2018: Ice Core Science

 Activity/Lab + Link Presenter
Meet in lobby Hanover Inn—   Walk to Rett’s Room, Thayer School of EngineeringLauren & Deb
Theme: Ice Core ScienceLouise
Introduction to ice sheets-ice core science; isotopes, chemistry and gases; emerging discoveriesErich Osterberg (Vivian)
Aerosols: Ash, soot and dust recordsErich
Activity: Polar Detectives (activity) Polar Detectives Directions pptLouise, Lauren & Deb (Vivian)
Drilling ice coresMary
Activity: Drill ModelLouise (Vivian)
LUNCH and walk to ice core lab—Fairchild HallLauren & Deb walk with group
Theme: Core Processing & Ice Core Analysis 
Welcome—groups move to assigned activityErich
Group 1a: Core processing; 1b: Gas Labs
Group 1b: Core processing; 1a:  Gas labs
Erich, Gabe, Lauren, Vivian (photos 1:10-2:00—2:05 photos in lab room)
Group 2: Activity:  Ice Core Lab-Proxy Video/Nature vs Science (activity)Nature vs Science directions ppt/Bucket Brigade                       Louise, Deb (Vivian photos 2:05-2:55)
BREAK-Switch groups 
Group 2a: Core processing; 2b: Gas Labs – Group 2b: Core processing;   2a:  Gas labsErich, Gabe, Deb, Vivian (photos in classroom 3:05-3:55—then in ice core lab 4:00-4:50)
Group 1: Activity:  Ice Core Lab—Proxy Video/Ice Core Lab Excel Sheet/Nature vs Science (activity)/Nature vs Science ppt/Bucket Brigade                        Louise, Lauren, Vivian—photos 3:05-4:50—then ice core lab
BREAK—move to classroom#213 
Revisit Ice Core Data graph; Reflection: Ah Ha!  Directions for tomorrowLouise
Walk to hotel-Dinner and evening on own 

TUESDAY, July 31st, 2018: Ice Dynamics in Greenland and Antarctica and Effects on Sea Level

 Activity/Lab + Link Presenter
Meet in lobby of Hanover Inn-walk to Rett’s Room 
Glacial DynamicsBob Hawley
Geological Walking Field Trip: How Glaciers Shape the LandMeredith Kelly/Kate Salamido                Vivian (photos)
Walk to Thayer-LUNCH Jackson Conference Room-sediment cores 
Activity: Set up Land Ice/Sea Ice/Gounded IceLouise (Vivian)
Activity: Glacier Dynamics-Slip Sliding Away (Coming soon)Louise, Lauren & Deb (Vivian)
AlbedoMary Albert
Activity: AlbedoLouise, Lauren & Deb (Vivian)
Revisit Land Ice/Sea IceLouise
Reflection: I used to think…but now I knowLouise
Walk to hotel-dinner on own 

WEDNESDAY, August 1st, 2018: Technology and Polar Engineering

 Activity/Lab + Link Presenter
Transport to Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab (CRREL)—bring govt. issued IDsMary, Louise
Security clearance into CRREL 
Theme: Imaging –  from the microscale to the macroscale (Times include talks, Q&A, tour of CRREL and travel to next presentation.)

Overview of CRREL (Zoe Courville)–Zoe Courville and Emily Asenath-Smith (in cold room complex) – Ice Adhesion and snow microstructure ( + Q & A), GISP2 core

Nate Lamie-Oil spills in sea ice    Continue tour of CRREL;discuss engineering projects Sea Ice Runway Movie 
Zoe Courville, Emily Asenath-Smith, Nate Lamie, Terry Melendy, and Vivian (photos)
Travel to Dartmouth 
Lunch in Rett’s RoomVivian-finish video rest of afternoon—load on flashdrives with Louise by 5:30
Videoconference—Polar gear and logisticsElaine Hood
Activity: The CRAAP Test—(CRAAP Reading Materials–Anderegg and FrumhoffIdentifying resource bias and validity  (STINK Test is also available for younger audiences) Mary
BREAK– collect receipts 
Activity:  Ice Core/ Pollen and Volcano/ Ice Core-adaptationsLauren
Group meeting in Rett’s RoomLauren, Louise, Deb
      Group Workshop and discussion 
      Closure and evaluationsLouise
Transport to dinnerMary, Louise, Deb, participant?
Celebration Dinner—Norwich Inn20
Transport back to Hanover InnMary, Louise, Lauren

THURSDAY, August 2nd, 2018: Safe travels home!