Bruce C. Elder

Bruce C. Elder

Research Physical Scientist


I began working at CRREL through a summer internship in 1985 and continued working at CRREL after earning a BS in Geology from the University of New Hampshire in the winter of 1990. Since that time at CRREL, I have participated in numerous projects related to sea ice, glacial ice, snow and most recently dust. This includes spending over 5 years conducting field work in remote place in both the northern and southern hemisphere – aboard 10 different ice breakers from various countries, ice stations built on the sea ice – and at the summit of Greenland. Mostly in the North but also 3 excursions to the sea ice surrounding Antarctica. I have been an integral part of the Ice Mass Balance Buoy team creation, deployment, re- engineering (Constantly), Patent, adding new sensors, data analysis and web page updates. While not working for CRREL I am kept busy raising 2 children and am an officer (both corporate and operational) of the Plainfield Fire Department and will be appointed to the role of Forest Fire Warden for the Town of Plainfield in July.

Current Projects

  • Ice Mass Balance Buoy – design – build- deploy- data collection (NSF, NOAA)
  • Sea Ice Stress buoys – Design – build – deliver – In conjunction with Metocean Telematics –3 ice stress buoys for the Canadian Ice Service.
  • ARTEMEIS – Dust research (Dust Plume Mapping from remote sensing for source determination, Opportune Landing Zone ground trothing for soil strength, Landform mapping from remote sensing – ground truth (Field)).
  • Field work for Sandra Jones – 6.1 project on determination of mechanism for dust particles to get entrained in the air (Field work)