Dr. Zoe Courville

Dr. Zoe Courville

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory



  • USA ERDC Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Research Mechanical Engineer, 2007 – Present 

  • Dartmouth College, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Thayer School of Engineering and Department of Earth Sciences, 2012 – Present 

  • National Science Foundation, Postdoctoral Fellowship (NSF OPP), 2009 – 2011 

  • USA ERDC-CRREL, Student Temporary Employment Program participant, 2003– 2007


  • Principal Investigator
    Science Coordination Office for Summit Station and the Greenland Inland Traverse (NSF).
    We are working to determine the impact of current and future projects at the station, and act as a liaison between the science community, the NSF, and the Arctic logistics provider. 

  • Spatial and Temporal Variability of Surface Albedo and light absorbing chemical species in Greenland (NSF).
    We are examining how contaminants in Greenland snow, e.g. black carbon and dust, are varying across the ice sheet and the impact in the amount of melting snow and ice. 

  • Dark materials in snow and their impacts on preferential sublimation and surface roughness (Army Basic Research Program).
    This project is examining the impact of dust and black carbon deposition on seasonal snowpacks and the subsequent impacts on the availability and timing of runoff.
  • Co-PI: 
GPR Crevasse detection for South Pole Traverse and the Greenland Inland Traverse (NSF). This is an ongoing project to detect and mitigate crevasses along the South Pole Traverse and the Greenland Inland Traverse routes using ground penetrating radar.