Geoffrey Hargreaves

Geoffrey Hargreaves

Curator, USGS/NSF-Ice Core Facility


Geoff Hargreaves has been the Curator of the NSF-ICF since 1993. He is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the freezer which includes:

  • Safety of employees, visiting scientists and students
  • Training of employees and Clients in sampling techniques
  • Supervising assistant curators, student, and intern activities
  • Responsible for cutting and shipping of samples as required
  • Oversees database maintenance and updates
  • Ensures the inventory of the holdings of the NSF-Ice Core Facility are correct
  • Assisting visiting Principal Investigators with sampling
  • Design, construct and upgrade equipment used to sample ice
  • Interface with and direct maintenance contractors
  • Managed design and construction of the equipment used to receive, log, cut and pack WAIS Divide ice core

In a former life…

He was a shipboard Marine Technician for Scripps Institution of Oceanography. His responsibilities included:

  • Liaison between scientific party and ships’ crew.
  • Assisted scientists with logistics and planning for foreign port stops, worked with agents in foreign ports for shipping equipment to and from vessels.
  • Rock dredging, coring, trawling, deck rigging, equipment deployment and recovery, as well as carrying out ancillary collection projects for scientists not aboard ship.
  • Designed, constructed, maintained and repaired oceanographic sampling and data collecting equipment.
    Trained and supervised scientific party members in deployment and recovery of equipment, and as watch standers for collection of bathymetric, magnetic, and SeaBeam data.
  • Maintained a log of all operations, samples and data collected at sea.