Dr. Lisa Bastiaans

Lisa Bastiaans

Nassau Community College


Lisa Bastiaans is a Distinguished Teaching Professor at Nassau Community College where she has
been teaching introductory meteorology and climatology lab science courses for 36 years. She enjoys the challenge of teaching science to non-science majors, where one of her goals is to get them interested and excited about science. Hands-on lab investigations are an important part of her courses because they provide active learning opportunities that engage the students and help them use more of their senses to learn.

She has been a leader in distance education on her campus, training faculty to use the learning management system and providing support as they develop online and web-enhanced courses. She has been teaching a hybrid online meteorology course since 1999 and developed a hybrid online climatology course for spring 2016.

As an active member of the American Meteorological Society, she has served on one of their boards and is an officer in her local chapter. Lisa has participated in numerous workshops and programs sponsored by the AMS Education Program. She utilizes the AMS Weather Studies and Climate Studies course content and web sites in her courses. She has been the Local Implementation Team leader for the AMS DataStreme Atmosphere course for pre-college teachers in the New York City/Long Island area since 1997.

Lisa participated in the first School of Ice workshop in 2015 where she learned from leading ice core scientists about their research in Antarctica and Greenland. The activities she explored during the workshop helped her develop three new hands-on paleo-climate lab investigations for her climatology course.