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Virtual Field Labs – Sea Level Rise with Dr. David Harwood

Using tiny clues from the past to predict sea levels in our current climate reality.

Virtual Field Labs – Climate Clues from the Past with Dr. Meredith Kelly

Dr. Meredith Kelly looks at geologic clues from the end of the last ice age for insight into how our current ice sheets may respond to the rapid warming of our planet. These videos are part of the […]

Virtual Field Labs – Abrupt Climate Disruptions with Dr. Erich Osterberg

Dr. Erich Osterberg explores abrupt climate disruptions in the past as a way to predict the abrupt climate changes we can expect in the future. These videos are part of the U.S. Ice Drilling Program's School of Ice […]

Antarctica’s Climate Secrets — Antarctic Geological Drilling (ANDRILL)

These 5 units introduce students to introduce students to Antarctica, a place that only a few thousand people visit in any year. Students learn that some of the clues in sedimentary rocks are easy to read, while others […]

Environmental Literacy with a Focus on Climate Change (ELF) — Chapter 5: ATMOSPHERE

The goal of the activity is to create a model of the layers of the atmosphere based on their characteristics. The physics of air and water movement around our planet is demonstrated. Hot air/water rises; cold air/water sinks.
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