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The Stink Test: Validating Resources

In a time when evidence based information is questioned, it is imperative that we teach our students how to recognize whether a source is valid or not. The STINK Test […]

Reflection Activities: Reflect on a lesson or unit of study

Ideas for how to get students to reflect on a lesson or unit of study.

To the Ends of the Earth: Comparing the Arctic and Antarctic

Going to the “ends of the Earth” takes you to the Arctic and the Antarctic. This activity engages students in sorting picture cards comparing similarities and differences between the Polar […]

Thermohaline Circulation and Rapid Climate Change: Greenland is Melting

In this investigation, we will analyze how the density of the ocean surrounding Greenland may change as a result of increasing amounts of meltwater coming off the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Nature vs. Science: The Hypothesis Card Game

Students play a game of cards to learn how scientists study nature.
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