Antarctica’s Climate Secrets — Antarctic Geological Drilling (ANDRILL)

CategoryMarine Sediment Core Science
Science StandardsThis resource book offers many different classroom activities that meet a variety of NGSS standards in Earth Science and Science and Engineering Practices.
File TypePDF
DescriptionThis book of activities has a variety of hands-on activities related to paleo climate research through sediment cores.

Unit 1: Antarctica Today (pp 1-69)

1A-Postcards from Antarctica

1B-Antarctica in Maps

1C-Polar Opposites

Unit 2: Antarctica’s Ice on the Move (pp70-82)

2A-Build a Model Glacier

2B-When Ice Meets the Sea

Unit 3: Reading Antarctica’s Rock Cores (pp. 83-130)

3A-Building a Model ANDRILL Site

3B-Photo Sore: Core Flow

3C-Mix up a Model Rock Core

3D-Mess-free Model Rock Cores

Unit 4: Tiny Clues to Antarctica’s Past (pp, 131-152)

4A-Dead Diatoms Do Tell Tales!

4B-Evidence of Ice-Free Seas

Unit 5: Decoding Antarctica’s Climate History (pp. 153-182)

5A-Charting Temperature Changes

5B-What if the Ice Shelves Melted?

5C-How Does Melting Ice Affect Sea Level?