Environmental Literacy with a Focus on Climate Change (ELF) — Chapter 2: GEOSPHERE

CategoryClimate Change Classroom Activities
Science StandardsThis resource book offers many different classroom activities that meet a variety of NGSS standards in Earth Science and Science and Engineering Practices.
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DescriptionResource by ANDRILL--posted with permission

Environmental Literacy with a Focus on Climate Change (ELF) — Chapter 2: GEOSPHERE


2A- Plates and Gates 

This activity explores how plate tectonics affect ocean currents and biodiversity. 

2B- Build a Model ANDRILL Drill Site 

Students build a model drill rig and compare past environments represented by the sediment cores retrieved. 

2C- Mix up a Model Rock Core 

Learners create a model of an ocean sediment core with different sediment layers representing the presence of a grounded glacier, an ice shelf and open water. 

2D- Mess Free Rock Cores 

Students build models using photographs and paper towel tubes and then interpret various layers in sediment cores making inferences about climate change. 

2E- When Ice Meets the Sea 

Learners simulate the moving of a glacier from land to floating over the ocean creating an ice shelf and pressure ridge

2F- Dead Diatoms Do Tell Tales 

Learners tell the story of climate change using the proxy of ice shelf advance and retreat by collecting data from simulated ocean bottom sediment cores. 

2GEvidence of Ice Free Seas 

Learners create a sediment core model, collect date in the form of cool and warm water diatoms and then make inferences about changes in the ocean’s environment over geologic time.