Virtual Field Labs – Climate Warnings from Alaska-Dr. Dom Winski

Analyzing how snowfall and snow melt events have changed since fossil fuels became the dominant fuel source for humans.

Dr. Dom Winski: Climate Warnings from Alaska

Cirriculum ConnectionsMath: averages, graphing. Could extend to slope calculations. Global weather patterns Climate Change-Changes in snowfall and snow melt.
Student EngagementCalculating averages, analyzing ice cores, making data tables, constructing graphs, analyzing trends in data, and making predictions.
Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)1) Science and Engineering Practices: Asking Questions and Defining Problems; Planning and Carrying Out Investigations; Analyzing and Interpreting Data; Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking; Engaging in Argument From Evidence. 2) Disciplinary Core Ideas: Ecosystems- Dynamics, Functioning, and Resilience; Earth Systems; Earth and Human Activity. 3) Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns; Cause and Effect; Systems and System Models; Energy and Matter- Flows, Cycles and Conservation.
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Using snowfall and snowmelt data from Alaska to understand past and future climate change.

School of Ice – Virtual Field Labs –

Climate Warnings from Alaska with Dr. Dom Winski


Introduction to Dom and his role as a climate change researcher. 



Analyzing snowfall in Alaska and why it is important to look at the overall story data tells and not just “cherry-picked” data points.



Analyzing snowmelt data in Alaska and how changes in Alaska’s climate over the past millennium can tell us about the future of climate change on Earth.