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Decoding Ice Cores: Proxy and Direct Measurement (2 Labs)

Two-part lab Lab: #1--direct measurements are used to compare the history recorded in an ice core to the history recorded in a tree ring. Lab #2--proxy models will be developed from direct measurements to be used to reveal […]

Decoding Ice Cores–Isotopic Analysis–How warm was the Earth in the past?

In this lab we will use 5-pennies to model water molecules sampled from each of 11 different “ice core layers” dating from the present to almost 500,000 years ago. The goal is to determine the temperature of climate […]

Decoding Ice Cores: Atmospheric Analysis

In this lab, the relative amount of CO2 in melted "ice core samples" will be determined using a conductivity meter. Then students will graph their results and compare to the 800,000 ice core record.

Albedo: Measuring the Reflective Properties of Different Surfaces

Students will measure the albedo and surface temperature of various ice mixtures and the changing properties as the ice melts over time. Students will move from understanding what albedo is, to the larger scale of its role in […]

Engineering Challenge: Designing a Portable Drilling Rig

This activity is offered as a means of introducing students to the Scientific and Engineering Practices, as outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
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