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Recommended Reliable Resources

    Recommended Reliable Resources: Where do you go to find factual information based on scientific evidence? We have compiled a list

Polar Science and Engineering: Drilling Back Through Time

Teacher Notes:  This activity is offered as a means of introducing students to the Scientific and Engineering Practices, as outlined in the

The Stink Test: Validating Resources

ACTIVITY: Validating resources for middle school and high school students. Preview: In a time when evidence based information is questioned, it is imperative

Antarctica Maps: The Only Direction is North!

Preview: When standing at the geographic South Pole, the only direction you can go is North! Before beginning any study of Antarctica,

To the Ends of the Earth: Polar Opposites

  Preview: Going to the “ends of the Earth” takes you to the Arctic and the Antarctic. This activity engages students in

Nature vs. Science (Hypothesis Card Game)

Preview: Students play a game of cards to learn how scientists study nature. They learn the Nature OF Science as a result.

The Long Haul–Ice Core Challenge: Keeping Ice Cores Frozen from Field to Lab

Preview: Students’ primary task in this activity is to design a container that will keep an ice core from melting over time

Life Cores

Preview: By building a personal “life core,” students are introduced to some of the techniques and vocabulary used by scientists as they

Land Ice/Sea Ice

Preview: Results from recent ice core discoveries suggest that climate can change in as little as decades—not the tens of thousands of

Extreme Cold Weather Gear

  Preview: Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, coldest place on Earth. Working there requires special clothing to ensure survival. Animals have

Checking Out Your Team

Preview: The primary goal of this scientist-supported activity is to generate information and excitement about careers in the field of ice core