Albedo: Measuring the Reflective Properties of Different Surfaces

Preview Students will measure the albedo and surface temperature of various ice mixtures and the changing properties as the ice melts over

Meet the Scientists

  School of Ice Presenter Bios  

Recommended Reliable Resources

    Recommended Reliable Resources: Where do you go to find factual information based on scientific evidence? We have compiled a list

Polar Science and Engineering: Drilling Back Through Time

Teacher Notes:  This activity is offered as a means of introducing students to the Scientific and Engineering Practices, as outlined in the

The Stink Test: Validating Resources

ACTIVITY: Validating resources for middle school and high school students. Preview: In a time when evidence based information is questioned, it is imperative

Antarctica Maps: The Only Direction is North!

Preview: When standing at the geographic South Pole, the only direction you can go is North! Before beginning any study of Antarctica,

To the Ends of the Earth: Polar Opposites

  Preview: Going to the “ends of the Earth” takes you to the Arctic and the Antarctic. This activity engages students in

Nature vs. Science (Hypothesis Card Game)

Preview: Students play a game of cards to learn how scientists study nature. They learn the Nature OF Science as a result.

The Long Haul–Ice Core Challenge: Keeping Ice Cores Frozen from Field to Lab

Preview: Students’ primary task in this activity is to design a container that will keep an ice core from melting over time

Life Cores

Preview: By building a personal “life core,” students are introduced to some of the techniques and vocabulary used by scientists as they

Land Ice/Sea Ice

Preview: Results from recent ice core discoveries suggest that climate can change in as little as decades—not the tens of thousands of

Extreme Cold Weather Gear

  Preview: Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, coldest place on Earth. Working there requires special clothing to ensure survival. Animals have